Thursday, August 12, 2010

Group Show in Chicago

*For No One but Us, curated by Justin Schmitz.

Artists include Terry Evans, Jeremy Bolan, Martha Williams, Justin Schmitz, Stephen Eichhorn, Julia Stotz, Makaya Larson, Jason Lazarus, Matt Austin, Mary Scherer, Aiden Fitzpatrick, Brian Sorg, April Wilkins, Kyle Obriot, and Zach Goheen and others.

For No One but Us, is a collection of work by artists using photography as a way to engage in their creative process. Images that would only exist on a hard-drive, in a bedroom, or on a studio wall are on display at LivingRoom. The photographs in this presentation are images that inspire these artists to make more art work. This is a collection of self generated inspiration curated by Justin Schmitz. Above image: Untitled, Makaya Larson.

At LivingRoom, 1530 W Superior, on Thursday August 5th from 6-8PM. Show runs through Saturday September 11th, 2010.

*This show opened already. I was in the middle of moving and (despite the fact that it's 2010) had no access to the internet to blog about it. It is open until September, so if you have the chance check it out, I have a photo up!