Thursday, June 17, 2010

Columbia College Summer Residency!

digitalresidency - 02
This summer I am the Artist in Residence at
Columbia College's Digital Print Lab.
I will be working on a variety of projects throughout
the summer and documenting the entire process.
On day 3 of my time there...they were kind enough
to set up an office for me to operate out of and store new works.

digitalresidency - 03
working on some small giclee prints
(these two were part of the Paper!Awesome! show at BaerRidgway)

digitalresidency - 04
more small giclee prints

digitalresidency - 05
from the office

digitalresidency - 06
a little Cody Hudson and New Catalogue in the office

digitalresidency - 07
from the office

digitalresidency - 08
started work on something large today...

digitalresidency - 09
to be cut (yes, all the white)... it's going to take a minute.

digitalresidency - 10
And some of the really rad student worker staff.